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4th Degree Assembly 521

  Council 3797 


May 2018  Newsletter



June 2018




Thoughts from Our Grand Knight             

Brother Knights,  Vivat Jesus!

As I am writing this newsletter it will be my last, as I must resign due to my wife 's health problems. I want to thank everyone for your support throughout the past two years that I have served.   I truly am satisfied with the transition into a church council and all the help from members - special thanks to Fr. Ron De Hondt for his support.  Thank You.  The Nominations that were run last meeting in May are posted in this newsletter.  There will be Nominations and Elections at the June 13th meeting.  I wish all the newly elected officers the very best.   All members be sure to attend.  Summer has arrived and we hope the car shows will start on a good note. The weather should be good and the 1st turnout good, with many classic cars showing up and weather we should have a good opening, Jerry Harold will be cooking some awesome hamburgers and sausages. All shows will be every Thursday from 4:00pm till 8:00pm weather permitting.  Come out and join us for a good time.  The St Margaret's Men's Club will be joining us this year as partners. The officers board has come up with some ideas as to how to invest the money that we have in our savings account, and then bring it up for a vote from the membership. Sunday June 10th will be our Blood Drive in Tocco hall from 9:00am till 3:00pmj.  Sign up at the third and fourth meetings or walk in.

Today modern culture seeks to topple all authority with which it disagrees, be it not only one in Christianity, true authority in the one who renounces self-serving power in the name of love and Christianity.  In that authority lies the nobility of the true Knight. The mission of the Knight still remains: there must always be men who serve that which is Holy in this world without reservation and without salary, caring for the weak, the persecuted and the insulted, renewing the authority of law and fighting against injustice. The Knight exist for the sake of everyone: that is his proper position in the world. The time has come, support your Council and be a Knight in good standing, bring other catholic men into our membership.

Yours in Christ,

Gerald Wilczynski,  Grand Knight

Officers Nominated for Office 2018-2019 term

Grand Knight;                 Paul Desjardin,   John Kelleher
Deputy Grand Knight;       Jerry Harold
Chancellor;                       Mike Weiss

Recorder;                         Alwyn Wunderlich
Treasurer;                         Fred Kuplicki
Warden;                           open

Inside Guard;                   Paul Weiss
Outside Guard;                John Huseltine                                                                                          
3 Year Trustee;                Robert LaMouth