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4th Degree Assembly 521

  Council 3797 


September  Newsletter







Thoughts from Our Grand Knight 

Worthy members, Vivat Jesus!

As we move into the future of our council, there are many things on our plate that involve spending money.  To support them we must find fundraisers to do this.   I am asking the council members to submit events (and chair them) that we can raise funds that will help support our programs.  The Knights Night Out will be our biggest event ever tried that will cost if we do not invite friends and family to attend and help pay for it.   The event is open to everyone.  I have sent out forty invitations to other council Grand Knights to join us and help support this event. Also, we have a resolution to give to St. Margaret's funds to replace the sign in front of the Church.  This resolution has been posted for the last two months and will be voted upon at the October meeting.  I support this matter fully.  It will do a lot for our welcome into Church programs.  Father Ron DeHondt has supported our council in every event that we wanted to do since we have been here and it is not too much to do for the Church.  MAKING THE COUNCIL GREAT AGAIN Fundraising!   If you look back over the many years, the council has raised thousands of dollars in their events that involved hundreds of members and programs.  Please consider joining back in with us to make the council great again. In this thought,  I want to bring up the matter of members that have fallen back in paying their dues and being an active member. I know it is not hard to lose track of the council matters and not pay your dues.  If you have not paid your dues, you are not an active member and will not get an invitation to the Knights Night Out Party.   You may contact me personally and discuss this matter (586 294-8173).   We will be calling past due members in regards to suspension from the Knights.  When you get a call, please respond as to your views and come back into the council. The Car shows were a big undertaking and I want to thank the many members that helped put it together and gave up their Thursdays to support it.  Thank you all.  I also want to stress the fact that we have brought in only one new member since our blitz in March.  Please ask a family member or a friend to join.  This is the only way we will survive in the future. Thank you and God Bless.

 Gerald Wilczynski,  Grand Knight