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March 2017 Newsletter



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Thoughts from Our Grand Knight 

Brother Knights, 

Vivat Jesus!

            During Lent we will imitate the Lord's forty days of prayer and fasting in the desert. In addition to prayer and fasting the Church has traditionally advocated an increase in our practice of almsgiving. Such acts of charity detach us from ourselves and unite us more closely to Jesus who laid down His life for us all.

            This Lent the Knights of Columbus ask you to join them in their annual Tootsie Roll drive (M.I. Drive) for the mentally impaired. All proceeds of the drive will help serve mentally impaired children in Southeastern Michigan.  Knights will be soliciting donations at the Church and in the Coney Islands on Palm Sunday weekend, April 7th, 8th and the 9th.   Here's what you can do as part of your Lenten program of almsgiving:

            1. Help collect funds by volunteering to distribute Tootsie Rolls. Call GK Gerry 586 294-8173 to sign up,

            2. Donate to the Tootsie Roll Drive at your Parish or send your tax deductible contribution to our Council Financial Secretary: Jim Wietecha 586 663-0966.  After careful contemplation, I wonder if the thought has crossed your mind "You Say" Saturday or Sunday morning?  Forget about it!  Thats my time to sleep in.  Well, my Brother Knights, you ought to know that these are the foundations of our brotherhood and the platform by which we do our charitable works.  The saints did not have a good feeling because they performed charitable works.  They were only doing what they were supposed to do. By submitting to this call of Knighthood, the fruit of our labor brings hope.  For some that hope may be a smile and a pat on the back, or a thank you. Its worth the investment.  This is how we help.  This is how we bring hope. 

            We as Knights of Columbus are changing things and this is where you come in.  Our future depends on you.  If you dont help us grow, then we will die! The first membership drive at St. Margaret's took place and we needed your help but many greeters did not show up.  Im too busy.  I have a job that doesnt allow me to contribute as much as Id like to.  Im only a 1st degree Knight.  Im not an officer.  These are just a few excuses Ive heard.  They dont accomplish anything.  We did manage to secure 9 new members, but we could have accomplished more. Not that I am not happy with the results, but our overwhelming presence would have shown the people of the parish we are united. I have to thank Father De Hondt for letting us recruit and the announcements made on our behalf.  Thank you also to those that did turn out.  God Bless you.

            Well the Building sale is going well and everyone should have gotten a ballot by now to vote.   It's been some time in the making and we owe Joe Surmont a well earned thanks for all the work he put in. Also thank you to Pat Wingert for all her work with the ballots.  Please return your ballot as soon as possible.  We only have 30 days to close on the building.

            Elections are coming up in April for officers and it's important that you show up and speak your mind on who you want as officers next year.

            This coming election may be a critical one in determining the direction our council is going to take in the future. Some of the officers having served and have voiced a desire to retire from office - but hopefully not retiring from active participation in council activities and events.

            Time has a way of changing all things. What was important yesterday may not have the same meaning today. The ideals, commitments, and desires of the past may not have the same urgency or importance that was placed on them when the council was formed.  The only way we can determine what direction you want this council to travel in the future is by your choice of officers - not only this year but also every year after that.   Officers have to be a third degree Knight in good standing. The election of officers will be held in June with the elected officers taking their new positions within the council at the start of the fiscal year in July.


Yours in Christ

GK   Gerry Wilczynski