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Color Corp Assignments

Upcoming Color Corp Assignments:


Sun, Aug 12

Altar Society of San Francesco Church

Event Time:  9:15 am

Fall Out Time:  8:45 am


Sun, Aug 12 Fr. Solanus Casey Council Mass and Installation of Officers

Event Time:  12:00 noon

Fall Out Time:  11:30 am


Fraternally Yours in Christ

John W. Kelleher

Faithful Navigator  



Fr. Solanus Casey Assembly 521
• 16831 E 12 Mile  Roseville, Mi 48066  586-771-9670

Color Corps  

 Regalia      Color Corps Manual

 Fallout      Upcoming Fallout for the District

Add a photo attachment, photo #2 (larger if you can).  I will send a list of color corp. members list them on left side of page. 

The Regalia (uniform) of the Fourth Degree

The cape, chapeau, sword and tuxedo were inspired by the naval officers' uniform of the late 1800's.

The ceremonial sword is worn to signify Christian Knighthood to symbolize defense of Church, country and freedom and to show reverence for the Eucharist and respect for the clergy.

Colors for the Color Corps

Supreme Master 

Vice Supreme Master


District Marshals


Assembly Commanders 

Color Corps  

Dark Blue Cape

Blue Cape

Gold Cape

Green Cape

White Cape

Purple Cape

 Red Cape

Former Vice Supreme Masters, Former District Masters and Former Faithful Navigators wear the color of cape for that position